I love being a bit thinner. I’ve been laying off carbs for the past few months. The motivator was going on holiday to Spain with a bunch of my mates for a wedding; I was going to be sharing a villa with (among others) not one but two ex-boyfriends, plus three of the women in the villa are 10 years or more younger than I am. Not that anyone would point and laugh, they’re an excellent bunch of people, and the two exes are both really good friends, but still, it was time to shift the stone or so that had crept on over the past year or so.

Lizzy – the partner of one of the exes who was going to be in the villa, and who is a little bit older than I am – and I decided to share food diaries, and that’s been an excellent tool for me. Writing down what you eat focuses you on where you’re going wrong and what you’re doing right.

Anyway, I’m now a shade under eight and a half stone (that’s about 53kg or 118lbs), and I’m about a UK size 8 (US size 4); sometimes a 6 on the bottom, sometimes a 10 on top.

I hope it will stay off. I have pretty much reconfigured how I eat – and probably more importantly, how I shop and organise my meals. I make a point of planning my evening meals and shopping accordingly. That means that I don’t come home tired and hungry and end up diving into M&S and buying pasta or simply eating toast. If I know I’m going to be late from work, I make something the evening before that will feed me again the next day, precisely to avoid the tired-and-hungry syndrome. My repertoire isn’t hugely wide but it’s varied enough.

For me, the rules are simple. No stodge (or very rarely, anyway). That means no bread, no pasta, no rice, no biscuits, no puddings. Lots of meat, some eggs, a fair bit of dairy, veg, salad and loads of fruit. I’m big on apples at the moment, particularly crunchy jazz or pink lady apples. It helps that I don’t drink. The aim is simply to keep my sugar intake pretty low, and to make sure that my sugar comes from fruit, not fattening stuff like cakes. I also don’t really eat processed meals.

I haven’t turned into some kind of health nut – I’m perfectly happy to go out for a curry occasionally; and the reason I don’t drink is not through any kind of puritanism. I suffer from migraine and alcohol pretty much inevitably these days sets one off. It’s not worth it for me.

I’m still a sloth. You will not find me in the gym, nor am I likely to be yomping o’er hill and dale. I’m quite capable of staying out all night dancing. But I am a lot more careful about what I eat. And it feels good.


3 thoughts on “Thinner

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  2. dorkyturd says:

    Hi, it’s Dennis (looks like you changed your comment system to avoid spam, which means I had to dig up this old WP username!).

    I am 27 and I eat the same way you do. I try to eat fresh vegetables and fruit often, which, frustratingly doesn’t happen enough. I also stay away from simple carbohydrates as they seem to be the main cause of trouble. I do work out regularly, though to be honest, it’s more to regulate my mood rather than the way I look — but damn, with the relatively low-carb diet + a little exercise, I look like a new human being too! Doesn’t it feel good?

    Also, speaking of apples — I just read that some US Farm has created an apple called the Sweetango, and it is supposed to be spectacularly good. I can’t imagine they will be easy to find in London, but if you can find any, maybe you can special order them or something.

  3. Kate says:

    Oooh, thanks for the tips on the apples, Dennis – I will deffo keep an eye out for those.

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