More geekery

The server journey continues. My domain has *finally* been transferred to my new registrar but SBS still reports that it can’t access the DNS settings. I suspect this is because I haven’t got them pointing at the registrar’s nameservers: if I do that, I break my existing email so I’m going to leave that until Alex, my tame geek friend who really knows what he’s doing, comes over on Saturday.

I’ve managed to get the server seeing both the Vista box and the MacBook Air and it can log into them and access their public folders. But I haven’t yet let the server take over DHCP and become the domain controller, because I’m a bit out of my depth with it. Again, it’s something I’m going to do with Alex on Saturday.

Alex seems to think that I’m doing OK and that I understand the concepts, so obviously I’m doing something right. However, I feel a bit uncertain about some of the network management that needs to be done and I’d like to do it with someone who really understands Windows networks sitting right next to me.

So next chapter: Saturday afternoon.

This is the point at which I draw the conclusion that really, it’s probably not worth it for an individual businessperson to manage this stuff for themselves. I’ve had a lot of help with expertise/kit/software but when you can buy Exchange hosting for (well, I’ve just seen that my registrar does it for $10 a month) buttons, why bother doing it yourself unless you really are into geeky challenges?

I’m into geeky challenges and I like succeeding at something, so I’d like to pull this off, even if it’s just proof-of-concept.


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