Blossom – an update

Took Blossom to the vet this morning and the vet gave her a good lookover and we talked about how she’d been recently. He thought he felt a mass around her stomach, so I left her with them for an x-ray and blood tests.

The flat felt very empty without her during the afternoon – even when she’s asleep I know she’s around. Which tells me that when she goes, I will definitely get another cat.

However, we’re not there yet, fortunately. The news isn’t great: she has a tumour in her liver/spleen area. The vet said they’d need to do a scan to work out whether it’s on her liver or her spleen, but I don’t think there’s much point in nailing that down as the vet and I agreed that what we should focus on is her quality of life. The good news is that it isn’t in her chest at all and the vet said he thought she’d withstand an operation, but he agreed with me that there’s not much point putting an 18-year-old cat through an operation. Clearly, if she were younger or if it would buy her another five years, I’d do it, but nothing is going to buy her another five years and I just don’t want to inflict the stress, pain and fear of an operation on her.

So she’s got some special food and has had some drugs that should spark off her appetite and certainly since she’s been home she’s been much more interested in food. Which is great – if she eats normally until the tumour starts making her life much more difficult, then we can have some good time together.

She was very wiped when she came home, though – she’d been given a very heavy-duty cocktail of valium and ketamine for the xray, and was pretty much out of it when I picked her up. When she got home she started coming to and has been staggering around a bit. The drugs have been wearing off all evening and she’s just (at 11.30) started purring, which is hugely reassuring, but I’m not surprised she’s trashed: I’ve seen humans on ketamine, and she’s a 3kg cat.

I don’t think she’s got much time left, but with care she should I hope have a good remainder of her life. When it starts going irreparably downhill, we’ll make the final trip to the vet, but I hope to have her with me for a bit longer.

4 thoughts on “Blossom – an update

  1. louisebol says:

    Poor Blossom. I think you made the right decision though about surgery. My Ziggy had a stomach tumour at 18 and we decided not to operate for the same reasons. We kept him going as best we could but then one day he couldn’t keep water down either and it was time to say goodbye at the vet’s for him.

    I hope she’s still got a while left – it’s awful knowing she’s on borrowed time but at least she’s still going ok for now.

    Big hugs to you both.

  2. dorkyturd says:

    Hi Kate. From the way you talk about your cat, it seems you love her and take care of her very well. And according to her magic Twitters, I think she eats better than most human beings!

    In the next life, I should be so lucky to be a cat like Blossom.

    Even though I know it’s hard, seeing her get old, and eventually pass, I think you should rest assured that your cat does love you back, very much.

  3. dommebell says:

    For what it’s worth, I think you have made the right decision about Blossom. It’s a horrible position to be put in, but I think your reasoning is correct. I hope she has a good amount of time left and that the two of you have lots of fun and love together.

    x x x

  4. doverton12 says:


    Being someone who has had cats around me all my life I know how tragic this can be. It is never a nice experience and I really feel for you. As you say, quality of life is the all important thing for you and your cat.

    The really sad thing is that, like people, cats end up leaving our lives at some point. It makes us cry and there is no way around that 😦

    At the moment I’ve 3 lovely cats at home – two of them are 10 years old and we’ve already had a scare or two, but their quality of life has always been front of mind. I hope you get as much from eachother in the coming months as is possible. Family always comes first!

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