More on SBS and some link love

I’ve had the server up and running for a while now and it’s mostly great. However, I’m finding some random issues with emails occasionally being delayed, and emails from a couple of private mailing lists I’m subscribed to sometimes get held up or just don’t arrive, which I’d like to nail down.

On the latter, I was wondering if was to do with draconian spam filtering – I want to be able to see what’s being rejected rather than just trusting the spam filter. A quick Google took me back to a fantastic resource that I’ve used before: David Overton’s blogs. He’s employed by Microsoft and blogs on assorted Microsoft products, from Vista to enterprise software and includes some incredibly helpful walkthroughs of issues he’s solved.

Lo and behold, there was a walkthrough on how to change the spam filtering defaults and how to define a mailbox for quarantined email.

I’ve just set it up – I’ll keep you posted on how it works and whether it solves my niggle about emails from the lists not being delivered.

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