Update on Blossom

She’s not improving; she’s fading, and it is breaking my heart. She’ll have a few bites of the cod I am poaching for her in milk and a few chicken treats, but I can see that she’s getting weak and she’s so thin.

She’s not in pain, which I suppose is a good thing, but if she were the situation would be more clear-cut: I would have her put to sleep. I think I will have to do that this week anyway because she’s eating so little. Soon she won’t have the energy to purr and to chat to me. Her meow is still there, but it’s quieter. I keep hoping her appetite will revive and she’ll eat something a bit more substantial and so turn a corner, but it’s not going to happen.

Just as I think I’m getting used to the idea of her going it hits me again how very much I don’t want to lose her.


5 thoughts on “Update on Blossom

  1. timkirbyg4vxe says:

    I’m so sorry, Kate. It’s hard to know what to say. But I do know how it feels from personal experience and I’m probably the worst person in the world at dealing with the loss of pets and animals.

    You’ll know when Blossom feels that it’s time. Once you know, then it’s easier, of course. Until then, enjoy each other’s company. Lots of poached cod and purring!

    On a happier and more positive note, what a wonderful outpouring of love and kindness Blossom has generated. What a clever cat!


  2. mrsfiddlesticks says:

    Such a sad post. I think both you and Blossom will know when its time. I sense like you, its not long.

    Take care of her (and yourself – I trust you’re eating etc ok – sorry ‘mother mode’ can’t help it!)


  3. Kate says:

    The love and support I’m getting from everyone, both the people directly in my life and newer friends via mediums like Twitter and Facebook is unbelievable, and it is helping enormously. I feel surrounded by love and concern and care, and I think, Tim, that this will be how I remember the loss of Blossom: that it was tempered by love.

  4. louisebol says:

    My heart’s breaking for you both. I understand what you’re both going through – I went through the same nine years ago with my Ziggy and it was absolutely unbearable. I missed him dreadfully after the final trip to the vet, tempered only by still having another cat in the house.

    Sending you both lots of hugs xxxx

  5. nelliejean says:

    I really hope that the latest steroid jag improves Blossom’s appetite and gives the two of you more time together. My cat Morris is one of Blossom’s followers on Twitter, and it’s been heartbreaking to read some of the updates.

    For what it’s worth, I’m keeping both you and Blossom in my thoughts.

    Kirsten x

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