Catching up

I’ve found it difficult to come back to this blog since Blossom died as my last couple of entries about her make me cry.

I miss her horribly. I miss her vocalisations. I missed her this morning when I woke up and found Daphne (more on her in a minute) asleep on my chest: I used to wake up and find Blossom asleep on my chest. I keep expecting to see her come through the catflap, or to find her asleep on my bed or in one of her cosy spots.

But I am so so pleased to have Daphne. She’s a tiny (though very fast-growing) grey and white kitten who, like Blossom, came from the wonderful Battersea Dogs and Cats home.


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. merseymal says:

    The loss of our previous cat was particularly traumatic for me. Was in bed with a cold (or man flu) and our 4 year old cat Pollyanna jumped on the bed and moments later had a seizure and died right in front of my eyes.

    It took about 18 months or so before I could even consider getting another cat and during that time I was depressed, a paranoid hypochondriac (which resulted in me getting TMJ & neuralgia).

    I wish we’d got another cat sooner, but on the other hand we wouldn’t have Daisy 🙂

  2. slightlyofftopic says:

    You left a note on my blog about a month and a half ago about my dog Jake, and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t replied because I haven’t logged into wordpress in much too long. I’m so sorry about your cat, Blossom. I hope there is some solace in knowing that you gave her such a happy life and in having your memories of her.

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