Catching up

I’ve found it difficult to come back to this blog since Blossom died as my last couple of entries about her make me cry.

I miss her horribly. I miss her vocalisations. I missed her this morning when I woke up and found Daphne (more on her in a minute) asleep on my chest: I used to wake up and find Blossom asleep on my chest. I keep expecting to see her come through the catflap, or to find her asleep on my bed or in one of her cosy spots.

But I am so so pleased to have Daphne. She’s a tiny (though very fast-growing) grey and white kitten who, like Blossom, came from the wonderful Battersea Dogs and Cats home.


Thought it was about time …

That I did some blogging. For now, it will be here. I might get around to transferring it to my own domain sometime. And it will probably be mostly quite techie, since that’s what I’m interested in and what I do. Anyway, this is a holding post while I sort out really important stuff like themes and what it all looks like.