What’s this? Another blog?

Yep, there are millions of them and I’m just another blogger. So who is this blogger?

I’m a journalist. I’m freelance. I work mostly for the Guardian at the moment, subbing on and writing for the weekly Technology section. I’ve also contributed to Comment is Free and the TV & Radio blog. Here’s a handy link to all the stuff I’ve written for the Guardian.

I’ve also worked for the Sunday Telegraph, mostly subbing, but I’ve written a couple of pieces for them too. I occasionally pop up on the BBC News channel. Before I went freelance, I worked for the FT for 15 years.

I live in London. I’ve got a big extended family including siblings, nieces and a nephew. I’ve got loads of friends.

I’m quite geeky – much of this will be about my exploits in geekdom. I’m on Twitter (note: my updates are protected; you’ll have to request to follow me but I usually approve all requests unless you’re a spammer or a bore).

I’ll be putting up a list of links to sites I use a lot and blogs I read. They’re a mixed bag. You might find something that interests you there.

That’s it, really.


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